Site Areas and Elements to Test for E-commerce Sites

 We know, that the ultimate goal with every test is to increase the conversions and thereby increase the revenue of your e-commerce business. Here you want to focus on running conversion optimization tests. This will provide you with maximum return on investment. STC Technologies are the leading software testing training institute in Kochi to give the best training in software testing, web development, Python, and other related courses. When you consider an e-commerce website, there are certain areas you have to focus on your site. There are certain areas that you will definitely focus on to ensure a seamless visitor experience. Some of these are listed as follows: 

Search and Navigation

Site search and navigation are the two primary elements of websites that are extensively used by visitors for exploring your website or app. Ensuring that your site is free of bugs and promising a frictionless experience must always be our first priority. Running the test for 7 days may execs at products and it may keep customers more engaged with more search functionality. A minor change in the header will result in an increase in site revenue. It may not be a game changer but will help the company to get more revenue than before it had. STC Technologies are the leading software testing training institute in Ernakulam to give excellent training with live projects.

Homepage Design and Features

We know the homepage is one of the important parts of any website. It is meant to represent the face of your brand. Even if it is not your primary landing page, it will deserve to be one of the most intricately designed pages. Thus, it is important to offer a great user experience and ensure that everything else is working smoothly.

Product Pages

When a person visits an eCommerce store, it will either land directly on a product page or will eventually navigate them to a product page. Once they reach there, you want them to purchase a product. You must ask yourself, what will your potential client need?

Similarly, what they need to know about the product or service. With this, you need to get them to the payment gateway. You have to work on what can increase the likelihood of a person adding a product to his shopping cart.

Shopping Cart and Checkout Process

It is a popularly known thing that cart abandonment rates are comparatively high. There are a number of people who keep a number of products in their cart without purchasing them. This occurs due to different and many reasons. But you can improve the buying rate by improving the checkout and payment system revolves. It can address some or many of their issues. Similarly, the site performance across devices is also important and it must be checked. STC Technologies are the leading software testing training center in Kochi to give excellent training in eCommerce testing.