Leading Software Testing Companies in Kochi


In this advanced era, the software has the ability to connect millions of people across the globe. Thus it is essential for companies in the hospitality and travel industry as well. Information about pre-bookings & flights will be available online 24 hours. Companies in the food, beverages, and airline industries must have seamless software and applications to reduce the workload. Errors are unaffordable as the cost of mistakes is more than it was ever before. Companies in the era of cyber-physical systems, are extremely focused on delivering quality and bug-free software and services. Accordingly, they engage with independent software testing service providers to reduce the marketing time without compromising on quality.  STC Technologies offers a variety of testing services with the best quality, so STC is one of the leading software testing companies in Kochi.

Types of Hospitality Software Testing Solutions 

Automation Testing Software testing automation for the travel and hospitality industry is an excellent technique to complete a number of tests quickly. We test the internal operation of the application or program without the need for human labor by using a specialized set of automation tools. To enhance the user experience of the travel app, we provide UI testing, API testing, and GUI testing.

  • Performance Testing

A smooth and accessible experience is ensured by testing a travel application or website performance before placing it on the market. Performance testing is located here. As its name suggests, it is used to evaluate a travel system’s stability, response time, speed, and scalability. In order to acknowledge the user request and performance requirements, it is helpful to ascertain the server response time.

  • Usability Testing

It helps to discover how user-friendly your travel application or software is through a process called user experience testing. The test’s main objective is to evaluate the software & adaptability and scalability. People get the chance to interact with a travel website as it is being tested and offers insightful input. On the basis of the reviews, actions are performed to make the app more effective and efficient.

  • Compatibility Testing

Here, we conduct a series of compatibility tests on hospitality software to see if it can function properly on various hardware, devices, operating systems, and network configurations. It is crucial to ensure that a travel application runs well on the user’s preferred devices and offers a seamless booking experience.

Key Benefits of Software Testing for Hospitality

1. Simplified Testing Workflow

Organizations in the travel and hospitality industries must develop a safe, dependable, and effective booking and reservation system. Therefore, ensuring functionality and avoiding internal mistakes is crucial. The Testing Agency integrates your system with appropriate formats and regulations to streamline the testing process.

2. Comprehensive View of Test Results

The comprehensive and in-depth Hospitality app testing results are available to travel businesses. We provide a central dashboard so clients may access post-processing information and take appropriate action. Based on elements like functional testing, unit testing, code coverage, and code reviews, we provide intelligent QA services for the tourism industry here.


Automating testing software implementation in the hospitality industry can bring a wide range of benefits. It will upscale your productivity, increase accuracy, reduce cost, and eliminate errors. An experienced software company can only do manual and automation precisely. There are many corporate companies providing Manual and Automated Testing services.  if you are looking for the best software testing service, STC Technologies is one of the leading software testing companies in Kochi.