Selenium Training in Kochi

Selenium is an open-source automated testing framework. It is used to validate different web applications across different browsers and platforms. Here you will be able to use multiple programming languages like java, C#, Python, etc. for creating Selenium Test Scripts. The demand for these kinds of testing is gradually improving and thus there are also increased job opportunities in this field. The kind of testing which is done by using Selenium testing tools are usually referred to as Selenium Testing. The STC technologies are the leading team to give Selenium training in Kochi with the help live projects.

As we know, the Selenium is not just a single testing tool. It is a suite of software with each piece meant for different Selenium QA testing needs of an organization. The Selenium testing tools mainly includes Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Selenium Remote Control (RC), WebDriver and Selenium Grid. Currently, the Selenium RC and WebDriver have merged a single framework called Selenium 2. Now there is an improved version of Selenium 3. By the way, Selenium 1 is referred to Selenium RC. Since the Selenium is not just one tool and it has a collection of tools, it was developed from different developers as well. The STC technologies are the best Selenium testing team and are giving best Selenium courses in Kochi.

Choosing of Right Selenium Tool for your Need

It is of very much importance to know about the Selenium tools, as it can be used in different areas. You can choose from the different tools to fit your needs.

  • Selenium IDE –This can be chosen to learn about concepts on automated testing and Selenium. This includes Selenese commands such as type, open, clickAndWait, assert, verify, etc. It is used for executing customized JavaScript code using runScript. It can be used for exporting test cases in various formats and to create tests with little or no prior knowledge in programming. This is also used to test a web application against Firefox and Chrome only.
  • Selenium RC –This is used to design a test using a better expressive language than Selenese. This can be used to run your test against different browsers other than HtmlUnit in different operating system. Selenium RC is used to deploy your tests across multiple environments using Selenium Grid. This is also used to test your application against a new browser which supports JavaScript. For testing the web applications with complex AJAX-based scenarios also it can be used.
  • WebDriver – This is to use certain programming language in designing your test case. Other than this, it can be used test applications that are rich in AJAX-based functionalities, to execute tests on the HtmlUnit browser and for creating customized test results.
  • Selenium Grid – This is used to run your Selenium RC scripts in case of multiple browsers and operating systems in a simultaneous manner. The Selenium Grid is also used to run a huge test suite, which needs to be completed in the time possible. The STC technologies are giving best Selenium training and are offering best Selenium jobs in Kochi.