Best Software Testing Courses

Software testing plays an important role in the development of software. It ensures that the quality of a software product meets or exceeds customer expectations. Without proper testing, your product cannot be released. It is the process of ensuring that a computer software product meets predetermined criteria. Which helps to ensure its proper functioning, bug-free performance, and overall quality. It is one of the most important steps in the development of any project, whether it’s a web app or a mobile application. 

The best software testing courses will help you to progress in your career. And molds you to become an expert in the field. So that you can make a difference in your company’s bottom line. STC is known as one of the best software testing training institutes in Kochi. And we provide different software testing courses for people who want to become a tester. It has also been a pioneer in imparting quality education on concepts, techniques, and tools for testing applications.

Software Testing Courses at STC

Software testing is a tricky job and needs a lot of skill to do. A software testing team should be formed with all the members having equal importance. The main purpose of this team is to ensure that the software is bug-free and secure. In addition, they also take care of all the other aspects involved in testing such as data analysis, data mining, and system integration.

There are several different software courses in Cochin you can take to increase your knowledge and skills in the field. These courses can teach you how to test mobile applications, web applications, desktop applications, or even hardware devices.

The following is a list of some of the most popular software testing courses:

  • Manual Software Testing
  • Automated Software Testing
  • Selenium Training
  • ISTQB Training

Manual Software Testing

Manual Software Testing is the process of testing a software application manually. This area consists of performing the same tasks that would be performed by an automated test tool as part of a suite of automated tests. It is therefore more comprehensive than end-to-end manual testing, which only performs some subset of all possible tasks on a device.

Automated Software Testing

Automation is the key to ensuring that your software is ready for testing. The process of automating software testing begins with the creation of a test plan, which outlines all of the steps necessary to test your software. The test plan should include a detailed description of each phase of testing. This testing includes what kind of testing will be performed and where it will be performed. After creating your test plan, you must then write the scripts that will run on each step in your automated testing process. This can be done by writing code or by using an automated tool that generates code for you.

Selenium Training

Selenium automates the user interface (UI) of web browsers and allows you to test your website and mobile apps. We can use it without requiring any special skills or knowledge of how to use a particular browser or device. This makes Selenium ideal for cross-browser compatibility testing and for QA engineers who need to automate potentially complex tasks like navigation across multiple platforms.

ISTQB Training

ISTQB Software Testing is a professional qualification based on the ISTQB’s International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) certification. This qualification is intended for software engineers and professionals who have an interest in becoming involved in software testing.

The ISTQB Software Testing Qualification provides an internationally recognized qualification for professionals who work in software testing and quality assurance roles. It’s primary focus is on providing a standardized framework for preparing people for the job market. And it is a non-profit organization whose membership comes from all over the world; its members are drawn from both industry and academia.


STC is one of the best software testing training institutes in Kochi and has imparted a lot of knowledge to our students. STC has been relishing a good name for the past few years, with its best software testing courses and lectures. We helped many students to get a good position as testers or software analysts. And STC provides complete education about software testing.