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Know These Things Before You Run an Ecommerce Test

We know that ecommerce testing is important to improve the user experience, to generate marketing strategies, to improve conversion rates, etc. Due to the increased and extensive need of software testing in ecommerce platforms and other areas, there are increased job opportunities in this field. STC Technologies are the leading software testing training institute in Kochi to give excellent software testing coaching with industry expert faculties and live projects. 100% placement assistance is given by STC Technologies until you get a satisfactory job.

What you should know before you run an eCommerce test?

From the source code to product pages, software testers can test the viability of all elements that are present in the website. These are done by suing extensive range of testing methods. Thus, it is important to know the common methods as a software testing professional. Some of the most common methods used for this are:

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing

Each of these methods have their own rules and regulations. Running multiple tests at the same time may cause disrupt in test results. Due to this, it is advised to take multiple tests one after the other. Otherwise, you can use a good testing tool that will enable you to run multiple tests simultaneously without one getting overlapped by other. STC Technologies are the leading software testing company in Kochi to give best software testing services and training.

It is better to prioritize the order in which you want to run tests. It can be made by considering the tests impact on the brand’s overall conversion rate. Different theories like agile testing are used by teams conducting software testing. This can help you find the balance. Then logically, you can focus on significant bugs and software flaws that is going to affect everyone through mobile app testing and website testing first. After you have addressed these issues, you have to focus on the minor bugs.

Evaluating your Software Testing Techniques

It is always a good idea to evaluate your test ideas and testing techniques. It must be carried out on a regular basis because carrying out a poor testing strategy can result in loss of customers and revenue. Poor testing strategy will reduce your brand’s reputation in the market. Here, you must always carefully outline the testing scope, set the objectives, check the chances for success and can estimate efforts in a time frame. STC Technologies are the best software testing training institute in Kochi to deliver best services and 100% placement assistance.