Python Training Institute in Kochi

What Makes Python So Popular?

We know Python is one of the most popular programming languages. You might have wondered that from where does this popularity come from and how is it related to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are more than 600 different software languages in the market and it was difficult to choose from them. Fortunately, choosing Python turned to be a good investment. People started choosing Python even blindly. Thus Python is a very popular open-source language. Moreover, this language is now one of the first recommended languages when it comes to learning programming. The STC technologies are the best Python training institute in Kochi.

Python was created by a Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum. He named it after Monty Python’s circus. This is now the so called Python. Over the years it became so popular with its convenience.

Why we choose Python?

There are many reasons which make Python so popular. Few of the important reasons are discussed below.

  • Ease of Learning and use – Python is having a kind of visually uncluttered formatting and are using English keywords. Other languages use punctuation. Actually Python has been designed to be an easily readable language. Here curly brackets are not used to delimit blocks. Similarly, semicolons after statements are hardly used. Moreover, it has a lot fewer exceptions in its syntax and not many special cases when compared to C or Pascal. Due to all the above reasons Python is an easy language to use and learning it is easy. STC technologies are giving best Python training in Kochi.
  • Rich with Libraries and Frameworks – Python now has a variety of rich libraries (mostly open source) that developers can make use of. This will be helpful especially in initial stages of development. Many of these Python libraries have specific use cases. For example, SciPy is used for engineering applications, science and math; Matplotlib is used for plotting charts and graphs, BeautifulSoup for HTML parsing and XML.
  • Strong and Supportive Community – Getting the support of a strong community is a key factor. When compared to other languages, Python scores highly on the ground. There is a plethora of documentation, guides and video tutorials which can be easily accessed by those who are working with the Python language. Python developers of varying skills can enjoy the support needed to get better at this language. This will again make this a popular starting point among the new coders. It is quite common for students to get introduced to computer science through Python. This is also used for in-depth research projects. With the advanced and active Python community all the issues can be typically dealt with in a short period. STC technologies are the leading company to provide Python Full Stack training in Kochi.