Software Training in Ernakulam

What is STLC and Why Should Businesses do Software Testing?

When we consider software application and product development, it involves the process of code analysis, code design, code development and the most important process of software testing. This QA testing involves testing at module level, testing at product level and also testing as a whole unit. The software testing is basically the investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information regarding the quality of the software product. The STC technologies are a leading software testing company to provide best software training in Ernakulam.

The software testing can provide an objective overview and also an independent view of the subjected software. This will allow the businesses to appreciate and also to understand the risks of implementing software. This QA testing can be done along with the development phase for the most commonly used agile and DevOps methodologies. This can ensure faster releases and best quality software. As software testing identifies errors and bugs, it is critical to adopt software testing with software development life cycle.

What is Software Testing Life Cycle?

Software testing life cycle (STLC) is a process of executing all software activities in a systematic and planned manner. The entire process is of certain steps that have to be executed in a definite sequence for ensuring and upholding software quality goals. There are certain phases in the STLC process which must be followed properly to ensure quality. In agile and DevOps practices, every component of the SDLC is optimized for speed and efficiency. The STC technologies are offering best software courses in Cochin giving training with live projects.

Different Phases of STLC

There are different phases for STLC like requirement analysis, planning phase, analysis phase, test case development, environment setup, test case execution and test cycle closure.

Why should Businesses go for Software Testing?

With software testing practices, any application or software should be validated and verified. This must be done to ensure that, it is free from bugs or errors. Moreover, this is also done for ensuring that the software accomplishes the technical requirements. With the software testing, companies ensure product quality, product functionality; ensure security, cost effectiveness and ultimately the customer satisfaction.

As we know that a fully functional software product plays a vital role for businesses in today’s digital world, as a major part of population uses devices and gadgets. As technologies are being implemented everywhere, many routine activities like online transactions, online banking, online doctor consultation, etc. are linked to it. This again increases the need for software testing. The STC technologies are giving best software training in Ernakulam with expert faculties.