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Performance Testing Types – Businesses Should Leverage

As we had discussed earlier, across industries, businesses need scalable, robust and high performing apps. This is necessary for delivering a great user experience and customer satisfaction. Hence, different businesses should leverage different performance testing types for ensuring seamless performance. The STC technologies are the leading software testing company to provide best software testing courses in Kochi. Here we are discussing about few performance testing types:

  • Load Testing –The load testing is used to evaluate the potential of an application to work under varying user loads. The load tests are conducted to remove any performance bottlenecks from the system.
  • Stress Testing – It identifies the breaking point of the software. This is used when the software is subjected to a user load beyond the expected peak. The testing method verifies the stability and reliability of software applications. This measures their robustness and error handling capabilities with extremely heavy load conditions. Moreover, this will ensure that software does not crash under varying conditions.
  • Endurance Testing – This will check the system’s performance when it is under significant load (usually around 70% of peak load) for a longer period (which is usually around 8 hours to 72 hours). This testing method will usually help in improving the app by improving its performance, stability and reliability of the app. The STC technologies are one of the best automation testing training institutes in Kochi to give training in all sorts of software testing.
  • Volume Testing –In case of volume testing, the data load of the software is increased. Then its performance is checked. This helps in providing in providing the volume of data which will be handled by particular software.
  • Spike Testing –This is a subset of stress testing and can check the performance of software by suddenly varying the number of users. The spike testing also checks if the software can handle fluctuating user loads under conditions which may varry.
  • Scalability Testing – This test identifies the actual number of users that the system will support with the capacity that exists with it. The STC technologies are the leading software testing company to offer training different software testing courses in Kochi.
  • Benchmark Testing – This testing method will compare performance testing results against performance metrics. This is based on different industry standards. The will help businesses to ensure software’s current and future releases to meet high quality standards.
  • Baseline Testing – With each time the software application is updated, the performance testing is performed. By performing this baseline metrics of the software application are recorded. These baseline metrics are then compared with the previously recorded ones. With these testing methods the businesses can ensure that a consistent quality of the software.