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Software Testing of E-Commerce Websites

The digital world today is crammed with e-commerce websites. A Website that allows customers to purchase and sell their products online is known as an e-commerce website. Thanks to the pandemic that aided in the mushrooming of e-commerce websites as more and more people have started using e-commerce websites to carry out their purchases. The benefit of e-commerce websites is that all the product information, features, transactions a customer makes, and product management can be analyzed.

As many e-commerce websites have started to germinate, it is necessary to keep a check on the performance of these websites. Even before the website goes live, the website or web application should be tested. At STC, we teach the most relevant software testing course in Cochin, which includes the testing of e-commerce websites. It should be made clear that there are no issues with the website. Various features of the website such as database, security, and functionality are tested.

Types of Testing

  • Functional testing:

Functional testing is used to test web applications’ functionality in different areas such as accessibility, basic usability, and mainline functions. Some of the methods of functional testing are registering on a website, product searching in the product gallery, etc. We are the No 1 software testing institute in Kerala.

  • User Interface Testing:

Aspects of user interaction are tested in order to make sure of proper operation during the testing of the user interface. Some of the aspects tested are frames, links, forms, tables, and user interface elements such as radio buttons, list boxes, text fields, check boxes, command buttons, combo boxes, etc.

This testing is used to ensure that the programs are responding accurately to keyboard and mouse inputs. It also ensures that the website displays tables, dialogue boxes, buttons, menus, hyperlinks, error message boxes, frames, and toolbars. STC provides the best software training courses that make the students experts in software testing. Navigation testing and Form-based testing and Browser testing are the three categories of user interface testing.

  • Security testing:

This testing protects data from various attacks. Interaction across networks is risky and therefore it is important to secure sensitive information and data. Everyone wants data to be well-secured against any kind of illegal access. The areas which should be secured include authentication, access control, transparency, delivery, and reliability.

  • Performance testing:

Performance tests are carried out to ensure that a web application can take care of the demand that arises during peak hours. It also makes sure that the website serves the user timely. Load and stress testing are the two main types of performance testing. A major benefit of this testing is that it ensures many users can use the e-commerce website simultaneously. By teaching the best software testing course in Cochin, we ensure that our students get employment.

  • Database testing:

E-commerce is said to be database-driven.  Users’ sensitive data is to be protected. To ensure that, the apps should function appropriately and accurately.  Information such as credit card details and personal information should be protected against all frauds. Thus web applications that are data-centric should be checked to ensure confidentiality and client satisfaction.