What is Software Technology and Software Testing

As the world keeps on evolving, the demand for people who have good knowledge of software technologies is increasing day by day. Once you are enrolled in STC, we train you to procure software training jobs in Kochi. This century has witnessed many technological changes. When you verify that a software application or program does the work that it is supposed to, it is known as software testing. There are many benefits of software testing such as performance improvement, reduction in the cost of development, prevention of bugs, etc.  

The field of Software Development is dynamic and ever-changing. But developers who know the right programming languages are in great demand. We provide the best software courses in Cochin. Some of the most sought-after and useful software development technologies according to various sources are JavaScript, Java, HTML, C, Python, Git, C++, CSS, Blockchain, and SQL.

  • JavaScript is used all over the world to make interesting and engaging web content applications. It is one of the most popularly used programming languages globally. 
  • Developers utilize Java to create applications for various devices such as laptops, cell phones, game consoles, and scientific supercomputers. data centers, and other devices. After Python and C, it is the world’s third most popularly used programming language.
  • HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a code that is used to give structure to a web page. It is comparatively easy to understand and learn.
  • C is a high-level programming language. It is used to develop firmware or applications that are portable. It was actually created for the Unix Operating System.
  • Python is one of the easiest programming languages. It has many functions and can be applied in testing software, machine learning, building websites, analyzing data, etc. Python also has a simple syntax. It is open source, making it free for usage and distribution. STC offers the leading Python training in Ernakulam.

Types of Software Testings:

There are various software tests that have specific strategies and objectives. Some of these are acceptance testing, integration testing, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, stress testing, usability testing, etc. Acceptance testing is done to verify if the system is working as it is supposed to. Integration testing makes sure that a software component operates together.

We provide the best software testing coaching to earn the best software training jobs in Kochi. Functional testing is done to inspect functions, which are subject to functional requirements. Performance testing checks the performance of software under many workloads. An example of performance testing is load testing. Another type of testing is regression testing, which checks if the new features degrade or reduce functionality. When there is no sufficient time to do a complete regression test, sanity testing is used. It verifies functions, commands, etc. stress testing is employed to check the maximum capacity of a system. The workload that a system can handle before it fails. Usability testing validates how proficiently a customer is able to utilize a system in order to finish a task.