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Trending Performance Testing Tools

We can see that, for today’s businesses the performance testing forms an integral part of quality assurance. To derive high performing E-commerce applications, mobile apps and other customer facing apps application performance testing is important. The applications that are performance tested will ensure that the released software meets the agreed SLA’s (Service Level Agreement). This will help in essentially delivering higher user satisfaction levels. The well tested systems will perform seamlessly even under varying load conditions with concurrent users. The STC technologies are one of the best software testing companies in Kochi.

Performance Testing Tools

Here we can see few of the trending performance testing tools:

  • LoadRunner – This is a most widely used tool to test applications. They measure system behavior and also the performance under varying loads. This tool is used in simulating many concurrent users and records the variations in system performance. After leveraging these results, the performance of the application, especially of the key components can be analyzed. This tool supports different advanced technologies such as Ajax, Flex, Java, SOAP, etc. This tool will effectively identify the performance of bottlenecks and can display the root cause analytics.
  • Apache JMeter – This is an important open source tool, it is used to test the performance of both static and dynamic types of applications. This is a Java-based application used for load and performance testing. JMeter is a widely used performance testing tool that is effectively test the performance of web and mobile applications. The STC is a leading software training experts in Kochi to offer best training.
  • WebLOAD – This is also a widely used tool. It is an effective tool because it combines performance, scalability and integrity as a single process for testing applications. This is also an alternate to LoadRunner.
  • LoadView – This is used for cloud-based load testing and empowers DevOps teams for testing efficiently the websites, web-apps and application programming interfaces. The DevOps and agile team can test their website’s UX under load; it can verify performance and also can identify bottlenecks within applications. The LoadView is using Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform in order to generate concurrent users load over the cloud during the load tests.
  • LoadUI Pro – This tool is used for load testing REST, databases, SOAP API’s and microservices. The tool is simple that it does not require specific skill set in load testing. With this any user can create and execute tests. This is used in guiding in building realistic performance test scenarios.
  • VSTS – VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services), is an actually an extension of Microsoft Visual Studio. It usually run in cloud (Azure) and is an integrated development environment. This is used to load test applications or websites performance before their launch.

CloudTest – This helps to stress test environment. This helps to ensure the website or the application is stable. It can be done even under the spikes or heavy traffic. This will generate actionable insights that will be helpful in diving into the live data. This enables continuous testing processes in the cloud. The STC is giving software testing training in Kochi.

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