Software Testing Jobs In Kochi

Know the Latest Trends in Software Testing

Recently, there were great advancements in the field of software testing with the new trends coming into IT industry. The introduction of advanced technologies had brought many updates in software designs, development, testing and delivery. Most of the IT leaders believe in the integration of the latest technologies in IT for their organizations. Digital transformation is another important point of focus for several businesses and industries that are ranking high on business analytics and cloud computing. The STC technologies are one of the leading software testing companies in Kochi.

Changes in the software trends had brought great impact on the quality assurance and software testing. Many industries had increased their software testing budgets, especially those in sectors of energy, utility and transportation. Adapting to the latest trends in software industries will help them to adapt to the requirements of the modern world. Here are some major trends in software testing:

Automation Testing

As todays enterprises are adopting to agile and DevOps processes, it has become mandatory for these practices to leverage automation testing. Test automation is critical for continuous delivery and continuous testing. This can speed up the release cycles, increase test coverage and it also can ensure quality software release.

Regression Testing

This is an effective functional testing type, especially when there are continuous changes or new features added in the application. With the testing practice, tests are conducted for ensuring and checking previously developed and tested software is still performing well.


DevOps is a widely used software testing practice. It is actually a modern code deployment approach that will significantly help in the collaboration and coordination among various teams. This will help in accelerating the software delivery processes with faster release. Moreover, it is ensuring effective feedback to deliver software and thereby ensures improved customer satisfaction. The STC technologies are giving excellent training and ensuring 100% placements for software testing jobs in Kochi.

Integration Testing

In case of software testing, it is of very importance that every system component gets integrated with the different application modules. This is to ensure smooth working of the entire system.

User Testing

User testing has gained better popularity in the recent years. The technique here is, the real users take up the role of testers to test the interface and functions of applications, websites or other services. Here the feedback from the users helps in improving the application for the end-users.

Accessibility Testing

In the digital era, there are connected devices and mobile apps running in millions, there is definitely a need for these things to become accessible foe differently abled people. Thus it is mandate that the businesses should leverage accessibility testing.

Selenium Testing

Selenium is one of the most commonly used test automation tool. This is a lightweight tool and developer- friendly tool. It is commonly used for automating web applications. Selenium provides a playback tool for authoring functional tests.

Other than these, there are several other trends in software testing like performance testing, UAT testing, scriptless test automation, artificial intelligence, robotic pressure automation, infrastructure as code, pen testing as a service and much more.