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The New Key Features in Selenium 4

Every business nowadays is demanding for high quality software in less time. For achieving high quality software, every organization needs effective software testing by leveraging automation testing. The test automation processes has helped in quickening the testing processes with re-usable test suites. The agile and DevOps technologies had taken it to new heights. Even through there are a variety of automation frameworks available, the widely used is selenium framework. Different versions of Selenium released include Selenium 1 (Selenium RC), Selenium 2, Selenium 3 and the recently updated Selenium 4. The STC technologies are offering the best software testing courses in Kochi.

Selenium is the most preferred tool as it is used to automate tests for web applications. The tool has the capability for operating across different kinds of browsers and operating systems. It has various components like:

  • Selenium Core
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Webdriver

What is Selenium 4?

It is the latest version of Selenium. This new tool suite comes with advanced features such as Selenium grid, W3C compliance, advanced IDE, New APIs and much more.

What are the new features of Selenium 4?

There are many new features added to the Selenium 4 to ensure improved testing services. The STC technologies are one of the best software testing companies in Kochi to offer best software testing services with advanced features. Now let us see the new features of Selenium 4

  • WebDriver became W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standardized
  • Selenium Grid enhanced with updates
  • Selenium 4 IDE upgraded
  • Relative locators for automation scripts
  • Chrome debugging protocol (CDP)
  • Multiple Windows and Tabs Management
  • Telemetry and GraphQL
  • Improved Documentation

What is Deprecated and Changed in Selenium 4?

There are mainly 4 changes with the updated version of Selenium 4. They are:

  • Deprecation of desired capabilities – Desired capabilities were primarily used in the test script. It is used for defining the test environments like browser name, version, operating system, etc. It has now been replaced with options.
  • Changes in the action class – Action class are used to stimulate various input actions. It can be from a keyboard or mouse on specific web elements. For example, Left-Click, Right-Click, Double-Click, etc.
  • Deprecation of FindsBy – In the older version of Selenium, the FindsBy was a part of org.openqua.selenium.internal package. It contains findElement (By), findElements(By) methods, implemented by RemoteWebDriver class. However, it is now deprecated in Selenium 4.0.
  • Changes in Fluentwait – In Selenium 4, the methods withTimeout() and pollingEvery() which are part of FluentWait class have been modified.