Software Testing Strategies in Software Engineering

We have already discussed about what is software testing? What are the benefits of software testing? What are its types? We have discussed about many topics regarding the importance and other details of software testing. Software testing also plays a major in software engineering. STC technologies are the leading software testing training institute in Kochi to give excellent training in software testing. Here we are going to discuss about the important testing strategies in software engineering.

Software testing is important while developing software because bugs could be even more expensive and dangerous. The important reasons why we use software testing are: they are cost effective, security, and product quality and customer satisfaction. Typically software testing is classified into three categories functional testing, non-functional testing or performance testing and maintenance testing. Different types of software testing are chosen and used according to the needs. Moreover there are different strategies for software testing like unit testing, integration testing, validation testing and system testing. STC technologies are the leading software testing company to provide software testing training in Ernakulam. There are a number of satisfied students across Kerala who got placed in reputed companies with our 100% placement assistance.

Unit Testing

This software testing basic approach is usually followed by the programmers for testing the unit of the programs. With this, the software developers will come to know whether the individual unit of the code is working properly or not. Early detection of these kinds of problems will help in better performance of the software. This software testing is an essential service in software engineering.

Integration Testing

With the integration testing it focuses on the construction and design of the software. It is an important part when the software as a whole is considered. Thus you need to see that the integrated units are working without errors or not. STC technologies are a leading software testing company in Kochi to provide best software testing services for all sorts of software and applications.

System Testing

In this method, the software is compiled as a whole and then it is tested as a whole. With this testing strategy we can check the functionality, security, portability of the software. All the three kinds of testing strategies are used according to the needs while developing software. STC technologies are training students all the aspects of software testing and are guiding them to become experts in their field by gaining more creative skills.