Do you need a Test Automation Engineer?

Progress in the automation tests are often measured through the amount of tests scripts that are converted from ‘manual’ or ‘automated’. The regression test scripts were written by humans for humans, thus I think it hardly works. As the regression tests are to be executed by humans each time a new version of the software is deployed, to know whether there are unintended side effects introduced by the latest changes. The regression test scripts often focus heavily on GUI-based interaction for the application under test. STC technologies are the best among the leading software testing training centres in Kerala.

What Does a Test Automation Engineer Do?

An automation tester basically converts the manual test cases into scripts or codes. When you have a big application it becomes a tedious place to manually test. The automation testing engineers will test the software using a tool that is specially designed to test the effectiveness of that software, which will be the used as a tool in the future. As there are a number of tools available in the market and many are evolving, you must be a quick learner. You must be quick in learning those testing tools.

An automation test engineer must not ignore manual testing. While companies are moving towards codeless automated testing tools, it is important to focus on manual testing concepts initially. This is done to reach an expert level and to keep up with the competition of automation test engineers in the industry. The role of automation test engineer is important for each software and thus getting best training in important. STC technologies are the leading automation testing training institute in Kochi.

What are the Skills an Automation Test Engineer Must Possess?

An automation test engineer must possess excellent technical programming skills, need to understand the application well, experience the automation testing tool, determine ATLC methodology, must be able to create test automation strategy, etc. Above all, an automation test engineer must be updated with latest things.

If you are new in the testing industry, you must have knowledge of the programming languages. You must be aware of the programming languages like C/C++, Java, SQL, Python, Perl, XML, HTML and CSS. STC technologies are the leading software testing training institute in Cochin to offer best training with industry expert trainers. Other than offering best training, STC technologies are offering 100% placement assistance to students until you get a satisfactory job.