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Role of Performance Testing in Different Industries

With the rapidly changing customer expectations in different kinds of businesses, there is an increased need for high performing apps. Nowadays, every business will need apps that will perform seamlessly for attracting new customers and also for retaining existing users. Moreover, todays customers will expect companies to deliver apps that will load fast. They must perform seamlessly even with peak load to provide a better customer satisfaction (CX). The STC technologies are a leading team to provide best software training in Ernakulam.

Typically, all the businesses will demand apps that perform flawlessly under various conditions like fluctuating networks, low bandwidths, high user loads and more. When we consider the performance of a mobile application, if the performance does not meet the expectation of the users, then users are likely to abandon that app. Instead of this app they will switch to the nearest competitor. Invariably, the performance matter, whether it is an app or website. Therefore performance testing is essential to maintain the seamless performance of an app, software or website.

What is Performance Testing?

The performance testing is non-functional software testing method which validatesthe speed of apps, responsiveness, scalability and reliability. Some of app issues that can be identified with this type of testing include runtime error, optimization issues related to speed, latency, response times, load balancing, etc. The STC technologies are offering best software courses in Kochi with 100 percent placement assistance.

The Need for High Performing Apps – Latest Research

Latest reports states that only the best performing apps will stand out in the market and can attract customers. Speed of your website is the key and it is important to optimize mobile experience. More than 29% of the smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app, if the app is slow or doesn’t satisfy their needs. These things show that the performance of the mobile apps or websites greatly matters.

High Performing Apps across Some Major Industries

There is an increased demand for high performing apps in some major industries. These kinds of apps have become essential in their seamless performance and better customer satisfaction. These kinds of facilities will help to bridge the gap from the businesses and their customers. The STC technologies are giving best software testing courses and are one of the best software testing institute in Cochin. Some of these major industries include:

  • Healthcare sector
  • Telecom
  • eCommerce
  • BFSI/ FinTech
  • EdTech