Automation Testing with Placement

AI Revolutionizing Software Test Automation in the Latest Facilities

A few years back, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a buzzword. But, nowadays it has become an indispensable part of human lives. AI is present almost everywhere. It is present in smartphones, smart devices (like Alexa, Siri), smart apps (like Cortana, Google assist) and even in self-driving cars. With AI used across different fields such as healthcare, banking, insurance, etc. this technology has a demanding presence even in the software testing field. This is on the rise in modern world. In the test automation, Next-Gen technology is used to make the testing process smoother, faster and also more reliable. The STC technologies are giving best training in automation testing with placement.

An Overview of AI-based Software Testing

The software testing market has slowly changed from the initial manual testing to semi-automation. Later on it has changed towards the automation testing using tools. In the recent years, certain automation tests like codeless automation, automation using bots leveraging AI and ML technologies. Specifically the AI based software test automation is of comparatively high demand.

The AI based software testing is actually an advanced software testing technique in which certain Next-Gen technologies are used to test the software effectively. This mainly includes Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL). AI and ML apply problem solving and reasoning techniques in order to automate and improve the testing processes. The AI based testing can be performed better by leveraging tools that use data and algorithms. Here the tests can be performed without any human intervention. With excellent faculties, the STC technologies are giving best software courses in Cochin.

These kinds of advanced testing will ensure better test coverage, test accuracy, faster time to market and will definitely provide a  significant reduction in overall testing costs. Businesses face many challenges related to the conventional testing and AI can be leveraged to overcome many such challenges.

How is AI Helping to Overcome Test Automation Challenges?

The AI is helping the businesses to overcome many challenges. The STC technologies are the leading institute to give software training in Ernakulam by following advanced technologies and strategies. The important things among this will include:

  • Finding the right set of people
  • AI can be utilized to generate scripts quickly and automatically. Thus by leveraging this time can save on similar tests.
  • AI can help teams overcome the challenge of flaky tests.
  • Frequent script updates due to UI changes.
  • Determining appropriate test size and test cases.
  • Maintaining the test suites or test scripts.