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Is Python Good for Web Development?

For acquiring as many users as possible, many companies around the world aim to choose a convenient programming language. They are choosing programming languages that can help them to build feature-rich interactive web solutions. Of these PHP and Python are the most popular languages among web developers. Both of these are very powerful and easy to learn programming languages. Python has gained better popularity in recent years. STC technologies are the leading Python training institute in Kochi to give Python classes both online and offline.

Knowing More about Python

Python was created as a general purpose programming language. It is a high-level interpreted, object oriented programming language with dynamic semantics. Python is used to develop different programs and applications from Machine Learning (ML) and data science to building websites. It has gained its popularity mainly because it is easy to learn.

Python is an open source language. It has a good support from the community and has a mature ecosystem of frameworks. Similarly, it has ecosystem of IDEs, linters and tools. All these ecosystems are constantly improved and are contributed to it by the community members. The most popular of the Python language are Django, Pyramid, Flask and Bottle. If you choose this, you will be most likely to find a solution that somebody resolved it before you. STC Technologies are leading institute to give Python Django training in Kochi.

Features of Python for Web Development

Already we have discussed that, Python is a popular language for web development. According to a recent survey, Python is the second most popular programming language used by developers. Here are few reasons behind the popularity of Python among developers:

  • Simple syntax – Python has syntax very similar to that of English. So it is easy to read and understand.
  • Beginner friendly – Python is well known for its easy to use and learn qualities. It allows developers to write fewer lines of code when compared with some other programming languages.
  • Versatile – Python can be used for many different purposes. That is from web development to data science and machine learning.
  • Cross platform – It works on different platforms. So you need not develop application for different platforms. This will cut down time for the app delivery and also costs on additional developers.
  • Scalability – When you are scaling up, you need to bother rewriting or adapting code for their platforms. With skilled faculties and excellent modules STC technologies are the best Python training centre in Ernakulam.