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What is Mobile Testing? Know the Strategies for Mobile Testing

As the mobile testing continues to increase its importance, it is also important to have the right strategy and tools for each type of mobile testing. Thus it is necessary to know what mobile testing is and to know the basic information regarding it. Here you will get some basics to conquer the world of mobile testing. The STC technologies are one of the best software training institute in Kochi to give you best training in mobile testing.

What is mobile testing and why is it important?

The mobile testing is the process by which mobile apps will be tested for functionality, consistency and usability. Testing app on mobile on the mobile devices can be done both manually and also with automation.

This mobile testing has become important for many reasons. The mobile apps are of good important in conducting businesses. This is of high importance to make sure that the mobile apps work properly. It is critical to test them.

What are the types of Mobile Testing?

Mainly there are three important types of mobile device testing. They are functionality, real environment and non-functional.

  • Functionality – The app functionality tests include business flows, UI testing (eg: landscape/portrait, languages) and cross platform coverage.
  • Real environment – The real environment condition testing includes network conditions, interruptions, background/ foreground and gestures (eg: force touch). This is especially important to test on real devices instead of simulators.
  • Non-functional – The non-functional testing includes security, accessibility, API testing, performance and availability.

There are different approaches you can take for these mobile testing types. The testing approaches include manual testing, automated testing and continuous testing. At the STC technologies you will get good ideas and knowledge regarding different testing approaches. Thus became the software testing companies in Kochi .

Device Testing

Depending on the factors like your users, your location and risks, the testing practices will differ. Testing on one or two devices may not be enough. Testing on all the devices is too much. Here we are discussing about three considerations for determining the right devices.

  • Balance data and analysis – You can combine the data in this free test coverage guide. Then share the devices you should be testing with your own analysis and risk assessment.  This is used to determine the number of devices you need to address.
  • Map coverage against your pipeline – Map coverage needs are to your test pipeline or apply to your test pyramid. We can consider virtual devices for earlier phases of testing and real devices in the later testing.
  • Optimize your lab configuration – Here your test data parameters have to be considered. You may need to add devices or test in parallel for completing your tests within the cycle. The STC technologies are the best software training experts in Kochi to provide excellent training.