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Manual Testing and Automation Testing in Software Testing

Software Testing is differentiated into manual and automated testing based on the test execution. Manual testing is performed by humans without the help of any automated tools like Selenium / QTP. But as its name says, automated testing needs the help of some automated tools. Both tests require training based on the current methods used in software testing. STC is the best software testing training in Cochin which offers manual and automated testing training. 

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is possible without programming knowledge because it does not influence the coding process. And it is the simplest form of testing. As it is a hands-on process analysts must involve in everything from test case creation to test execution. This is best for Adhoc, usability, and exploratory software tests. Manual test is mandatory even if the test is automated. Because no tests are fully automatic, before automating the test, you must first go through a series of tests manually. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Testing


  • Coding Knowledge is not Required
  • The initial investment in manual testing is significantly lower.
  • Manual testing supplies a user-friendly system.
  • No usage of software demanded
  • Allows random testing
  • No maintenance of automation scripts is needed.
  • Testing can be started quickly.
  • Easy to learn compared to automated tests.
  • Effective for applications with small life cycles.
  • programming language knowledge is not required.
  • No Automation tool is required.
  • Design Time takes less time.


  • Manual testing is less efficient.
  • Running test cases manually is time-consuming.
  • It makes assuring adequate test coverage troublesome. 
  • Software Engineers or Analysts must examine everything from test case design to test performance.
  • It can run parallelly but you have to expand human resources, which is expensive.
  • Test results are not easily accessible in Manual tests.
  • High-volume regression is not cost-effective and hard to achieve.
  • Investment is needed for human resources.
  • Accuracy is less due to the chances of human errors.
  • Large projects are challenging to test manually 
  • Performance testing is not achievable via manual testing.
  • Implementation time is comparatively more in Manual Testing.
  • Complicated to-test scenarios with only minimal time.
  • Manual testing is mostly repetitive and boring. 

Automated testing 

Automated Testing is done by using tools to test applications without human intervention. So to avoid tedious tasks we go for automation. Here test scripts are written to automate test execution. Automation Testing is mostly used in UI test, performance test, sanity check-ups, or security testing. This can only be done by experts with programming knowledge. STC provides the best software training in Ernakulam with a unique training methodology to learn automated testing easily.

Advantages and disadvantages of Automated testing


  • Fast execution of possible.
  • It boosts productivity and it is best for large testing projects. 
  • Automation testing can be conducted on multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Test results can easily be accessible in automated tests.
  • Automated testing is a reliable method because it is performed by tools and scripts.
  • It conserves time, effort, and money. 
  • Automated testing is mainly used for regression.
  • The test can be run anytime anywhere.
  • Less manual effort is required.
  • Bugs can be detected at an initial stage.
  • Execution is done by any team member instantly.


  • Knowledge of Programming language is required. 
  •  Invest in testing tools as well as automation engineers.
  • It is not cost-effective for low-regression testing.
  • The upfront cost of automated testing is higher.
  • As it doesn’t use much human consideration, it can never guarantee user-friendliness. 
  • Requires high skill to develop test scripts.
  • Maintenance cost and time required.
  • Developing a script at an early stage is time-consuming.
  • The design time of the scripts takes a lot of time.


Manual test works best if a test case only requires to be run once or twice. But Automated testing works sufficiently for test cases on a regular basis. Even manual and automated tests have some advantages and drawbacks, both are necessary for a smooth software test. 100% automation is not possible therefore, manual testing is a must. 

Hence, in the testing process, a combination of manual and automated testing is often utilized. And the level of automation will be based on the type and characteristics of the testing processes in the company. You will only get all the concepts of testing after completing a standard software course. STC provides the best Software testing training in Cochin, under the direction of professionals. Here, you will get training that will sharpen the skill sets of a professional Manual and Automation Tester.