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Different Categories of AI-driven Testing Tools

With the increased usage and advancement of AI in testing, it is important to know about them. The STC technologies are a leading software training institute in Kochi, offering advanced training in several testing processes. Here we can see 4 important categories of AI- driven testing tools.

Differential Tools

The differential tools will leverage AI and ML algorithms so as to identify code-related issues. It can also identify security vulnerabilities, regressions and more. This can be achieved through code scanning, unit test automation and through some other processes. Some of the tools under this category are:

  • Launchable – Launchable is based on ML algorithm that predicts the likelihood of failure for each test. It is based on past runs and when the source code changes under test. This tool is letting the user to record the suite. We can choose this tool to run a dynamic subset of tests that are likely to fail. Thus it can reduce a long running test suite to a few minutes.
  • Google OSS-Fuzz – This tool is combined of modern fuzzing techniques with scalable and a disturbed execution. This is a fuzz testing tool that aims to make common open-source software more secure. This tool can support C/C++, Rust, Go and Python code. It can make software more stable and reliable also. The STC is offering best in the field and is providing advanced software testing courses in Kochi.

Visual AI Testing Tools

It has become a tedious task for test engineers and developers for effectively using the UI layer. This is with the ever-growing number of platforms that vary in screen sizes and configurations. Moreover, the UI layer experiences constant changes with the time. This mainly occurs as businesses wish to provide a better user experience. Some of the tools that comes under this category includes:

  • Applitools–This is an AI- powered monitoring and visual testing platform. It is the next generation test automation platform that is powered by visual AI. The features include Applitools Eyes that will help to increase test coverage and also in reducing maintenance. The Ultrafast grid helps with cross-browser and cross-device testing. This can accelerate functional and visual testing by 30 minutes. This platform can integrate with all modern test frameworks. It can also work with many existing testing tools like Selenium, Appium, etc.
  • Percy by BrowserStack – It is actually an all-in-one visual review platform. It comes with several amazing features like pixel-by-pixel diffs, responsive diffs and snapshot stabilization. It has parallelization capabilities, high speed rendering and also allows cross-browser rendering. It helps teams to deploy code changes easily.

Declarative Tools

These are aimed to enhance test automation productivity and stability. It is used to eliminate tedious, error-prone, repetitive tasks through smart automation. Tools under this category include:

  • Tricentis – It is next generation AI-driven testing tool. This will allow the Agile and DevOps teams for rapidly achieving the test automation goals. This combines multiple aspects of software testing to test GUIs and APIs.
  • UiPath Test Suite – It can be used to automate and centralize the testing process. This helps to launch resilient robots and ensure high quality of automation. It consists of UiPath Studio Pro, UiPath Test Manager and UiPath Orchestrator.

Self-Healing Tools

The problems of flakiness, reliability and maintenance issues persist with automation tests. This is a major reason why AI and ML have been introduced for test automation. Few of the tools that come under this group are:

  • Mabl – It is the leading intelligent test automation platform for CI/CD. It crawls through apps screens and begins to run default tests which are common for most applications. Here ML algorithms are used for improving test execution and for defect detection.
  • Testim–This tool is using AI and ML algorithms for automation testing. AI is used for speeding up the authoring, execution and maintenance of tests. It includes self-maintenance of the automated tests which are ML- based. The STC technologies are one of the leading software testing companies in Kochi to provide excellent services and training.