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What is Artificial Intelligence and how has it evolved?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a latest and advanced
technology to be leveraged in all industries and domains.
This continues to make its way into places which were
previously reserved for human skills and was enabling
significant results. Similarly, AI is leveraged in the field of
software testing also to ease the testing process so as to
deliver more quality items. With this there is increased
demand for professionals in Artificial Intelligence. Getting
best training for the software testing courses is
important to deliver excellent services. The STC
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According recent surveys, it is said that the AI-based
testing is on high rise. This is done to make testing
smarter, more effective and more efficient. There are
more number of organizations that are adopting AI-
based tooling and processes in software testing. With the
AI in software testing, the entire testing processes will
become faster, cleaner, easier and pocket friendly.
Hence, the AI-based testing will provide a strategic

platform where the software testers can leverage AI to
take the software testing to a new level. Thus this will
help to deliver more quality results to businesses. The
STC technologies are one of the best software training
institute in Ernakulam

What is AI-based Testing for Software Testing?

The AI-based software testing is a software testing
technique in which the AI and Machine Learning (ML)
algorithms are used. These are used to test a software
product effectively. The objective of the AI testing is to
make the testing process smarter and highly effective
than before.
Along with the inclusion of AI and Ml, logical reasoning
and problem solving methods can be applied in order to
improve the overall testing process. Moreover, the AI
testing tools are also used to execute different tests that
use data and algorithms. This helps to design and
perform the tests without any kind of human

Evolution of AI in Software testing

There was a significant evolution for software testing in
the past two decades. From manual testing to
automation testing, Selenium is considered to be the
finest automation tool. In today’s fast-paced IT world,
the domain of software testing has to come up with
innovative and well-researched and improved testing
methodologies. With this the AI-based software testing
has come up and has been proving very impactful.
The AI algorithms can completely mimic the kind of
human intelligence. The ML allows the computers to
learn automatically without any human intervention. The
AI and ML are involved in development of unique and
specific algorithms. These predictions can be used for
effective software testing. The STC technologies are a
best software testing company offering best software
testing jobs in Kochi
with excellent training and 100
percent placement assistance.